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How to choose a lightning protection device for POE switches?

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A customer in Yunnan asked a question today: How to choose a lightning protection device for POE switches? Although it should be a sub-topic for people in the lightning protection industry, it is still necessary to give a detailed explanation of POE switches and POE lightning protection devices.
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POE lightning protection device
    POE (Power Over Ethernet) refers to the use of IP-based terminals (such as IP telephones, wireless LAN access points AP, network cameras) without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. Etc.) The technology that can provide DC power to such devices while transmitting data signals is a switch that supports Power over Ethernet.
    A more descriptive description is: Can you make a call by plugging in the phone line? The other end of the telephone line is connected to a switch with POE function to supply power to the phone. The telephone line can be powered by the switch, and even more is the network cable, so there is no need to provide a separate power supply line for the equipment.
POE lightning protection device
    Therefore, POE switches of course use POE lightning protection devices. Shenzhen Tiandun POE Power over Ethernet lightning protection devices are Tiandun’s patented products. They are used to protect sensitive Ethernet power supply circuits and network terminals such as IP phones and network monitoring equipment. It is protected from damage caused by lightning induced voltage, power interference, electrostatic discharge, etc.
    POE Ethernet power supply lightning protection device can be divided into Gigabit and 100M, single port and multi-port (POE6-48), now many POE power supply cameras use this lightning protection device, as a 15-year lightning protection device manufacturer , Our products are well received by customers, welcome to consult and purchase: 0755-86215101.

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